Hide Your Important Data Behind an Image
Image Steganography

If you want to hide your project files of any important data from intruders or your Friends/Childs then Steganography is a Good Tool to Hide data.

How to Hide Data Behind a Image

Follow the Below Steps:

Very First Install WinRar in Your Computer.

Right Click on Data Folder and click on Add Achieve option.

Now Make Another Folder With any Name in My case I am Using “Hide” name in “D” Drive.

Copy Selected Image and WinRar Achieve in This Folder.

(Suppose your data archive is dara.rar and image name is image.jpg)

Open Command Prompt Click Start -> Run -> Type cmd -> Press Enter.

Type Following Command

C:\user\Doccument> D:                    Press Enter
D:>cd hidden
D:/hidden> copy /b   image.jpg   +   data.rar    =   out.jpg           Press Enter

Now You Will Get an Image in Hidden Folder with  out.jpg name.It is a Combination of Data and Image.

How To Extract Data From Image
Right Click on Image and Open With WinRar.

Done Have a Nice Day !!!!!!!!!!!